//PWYW Explained

PWYW Explained

The ability to “Pay What You Want”.  A New Zealand first!

Why we set up the PWYW model:

1. To give low income individuals/households/families the opportunity to participate.
If standard entry fees at other events add up to more than you’d like (for you and/or the family), well here is an event where you can tweak the fees and no-one needs to miss out. If you might not have entered yourself (and the kids?) at other events, be sure to bring everyone along to PWYW! 

2. So the PWYW Tauranga Half Marathon could be the motivation to be more active – without the cost being a barrier.
If entry fees were a barrier to being introduced to an event like this, we’ve broken that barrier, and have assisted many people (we know because they’ve told us their incredible stories!) with the motivation to be more active and well down the road to better health and well-being.   The legacy of this event (previously the Half4Heart) is all about the promotion of health and well-being.

3. To continue to stand out from the crowd.
We’re now a little bit different in amongst a pretty busy event calendar in the area. We’re continuing to make some ideological changes to how we roll and want social enterprise to be the future of the PWYW Tauranga Half Marathon. 



Ok so what do I pay?  Here’s our PWYW entry fee guidance…
To assist your trust based, consumer set pricing decision please note the following:  

– There is no maximum entry fee. Some entrants have paid much higher than our recommended entry fees, recognising that our RRP is still pretty cheap compared to other similar events (cheers!).  See a comparative pricing table below.

– There is, however, a need for a minimum entry fee of $5.  While this minimum fee gets you entered, it should be noted that this is swallowed up in online registration fees and bank fees. Poof…it just disappears and we don’t see any of it.

Our Recommended Entry Fees
– Our recommended entry fee for the Matua Mile distance option is $12.00
– Our recommended entry fee for the 5km distance option is $33.00
– Our recommended entry fee for the 10km distance option is $44.00
– Our recommended entry fee for the 15km distance option is $56.00
– Our recommended entry fee for the 21km distance option is $69.00

PWYW Pricing Periods
– The PWYW pricing period will be active until 10 days prior to the event. 

– 10 days out from the event the PWYW pricing will take a backseat. At this point, all entries received will be charged our recommended entry fees (see above).  We like to call this our “deterrent” pricing strategy. For PWYW to work, we need to have an accurate prediction of final entry numbers 10 days out from an event. This way, we hope fewer people will “wait and see”, and more people will enter early so the PWYW dream can live on. *fistbump*

Staging On Road Events Like the PWYW Tauranga Half Marathon Incurs Major Costs 
While events can have many different tiered pricing structures, our recommended pricing is shown below for comparison against the standard event pricing for other similar events in the area.

21km      10km      5km   
The Pay What You Want Tauranga Half Marathon   $69.00 $44.00 $33.00
Other events:      
Tauranga Marathon $85.00 $55.00 $35.00
We Run The Night Half Marathon $78.75    
Mount Maunganui Half Marathon $90.00 $60.00 $40.00


We hope the above information helps with your trust based, consumer set pricing decision making.

We want the Pay What You Want model to be sustainable and continue long into the future. 

We know we run a much loved professional event and we look forward to seeing you at the 2020 PWYW Tauranga Half Marathon.

Thanks for your support.
With love,
Luke and Jo