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Linking up Tauranga’s finest walkways.
This incredibly popular loop includes Matua Saltmarsh, Daisy Hardwick Walkway, Beach Road, Harbour Drive & Kulim Park.

Please note: While the 5km, 10km and Half Marathon distances have been measured to IAAF Standards (i.e they are bang on the correct distance) the 15km event course does read closer to 15.3km – consider it more value for money on a beautiful course!

PWYW Written Race Briefing – 2019 15KM

On your 15km course…
Outside of the awesome scenery on course, entrants will pass our course entertainment, a bunch of supportive event marshals and 4 support stations at the following distances:
– Carlton Street Reserve – 3.1km
– Bottom of Coach Road (on the Daisy Hardwick Walkway) – 7.3km
– Harbour Drive- 9.8km
– Kulim Park – 12.9km.
Each support station is manned by a passionate local community group and will be stacked with R-Line & water, plus will have first aid and toilets available.  Important intersections on your event course have been marked with BLUE arrows and distance markers will be placed at every km of the event course with BLUE km markers. Oh and be sure to look out for (our offical event photographers) as they operate a PWYW model for event photos too – PWYW sounds familiar right?

Start Times.
– 8.00am (for all walkers and runners)

Train Crossing Notes.
After approx 9.5km, the event course crosses the railway lines on Maxwells Road. In the unlikely event the bells are sounding as you approach, you’ll simply be sent on a “1000m Train Detour” over the Chapel Street Bridge towards Bay Central prior to returning to the Maxwells Road crossing. Later in the event course, those who were on the “1000 Train Detour” will be clearly directed on a “1000m Train Shortcut” while on Harbour Drive.

A Train Heads Up – Wristbands.
– If you are directed on a “1000m train detour” (due to a train passing over the Maxwells Road line at the time you approach) you’ll be handed a wristband half way through this detour.
– To enable you to be directed on the “1000m train shortcut” later on in the course simply hand over this wristband to the “train shortcut marshals” on Harbour Drive section of the course.

Let us take care of everything – you just enjoy your day!

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– PWYW pricing for the 15km event is on until April the 3rd, 2019. We’d love you to pay the entry fee you’d expect to pay for a professional event like this one, but ultimately you, the participant, decides. If you might not have entered yourself (and the kids?) because it adds up to more than you’d like…well welcome to PWYW baby!

– 10 days out from the event PWYW pricing will take a backseat. From April 4th, 2019 until event day, all 15km entries received will be charged our typical Standard Entry Fees ($50.00). We like to call this our “deterrent” pricing strategy. For PWYW to work, we need to have an accurate prediction of final entry numbers. This way, we hope fewer people will “wait and see”, and more people will enter early so the PWYW dream can live on. *fistbump*.