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The flattest 10km in town, with the bonus of being measured to IAAF standards.
You asked for 10km – we give you 10km on the button.
The 10km course has been measured to IAAF standards. This fast course (just 15m of climbing spread across the 10,000m course!) hugs the Tauranga coastline & includes Beach Road, Harbour Drive and Kulim Park.

On your 10km course…
Outside of the awesome scenery on course, entrants will pass our course entertainment, a bunch of supportive event marshals and 3 support stations at the following distances:
– Levers Road – 1.5km
– Harbour Drive – 4km
– Kulim Park – 7.6km
Each support station is manned by a passionate local community group and will be stacked with R-Line & water, plus will have first aid and toilets available.  Important intersections on your event course have been marked with BLACK arrows and distance markers will be placed every 2km of the event course with BLACK km markers. Oh and be sure to look out for https://photos4sale.co.nz (our official event photographers) as they operate a PWYW model for event photos too – PWYW sounds familiar right?

Split Start Times.
We take your experience on course seriously.  All walkers (and runners who may complete the course in OVER 75 minutes) start at 8.45am. The remaining 10km entrants (who will complete the course in UNDER 75 minutes) start at 8.00am.

  • 8.00am (all runners who will complete the course in UNDER 75 minutes).
  • 8.45am (for all walkers and for runners who may complete the course in OVER 75 minutes).

Pace Runners.
Thanks to Craig Kirkwood Coaching, four key pace runners will be on the start line for the Pay What You Want Tauranga Half Marathon 10km Run Event. If you are looking to achieve the finish times shown below, do stick close by the clearly identified Craig Kirkwood Coaching Pace Runners on course.
– 0:45
– 0:50
– 0:55
– 1:00
Meet your chosen Pace Runner near the bottom of Waratah Street (on the approach to the start area) 10-15 minutes prior to the run start time (look out for Pace Runner Meeting Point signage).  Within the final 5-10 minutes before the run starts you will walk up to the start area with your Pace Runner.

Train Crossing Notes.
After approx 3.7km, the event course crosses the railway lines on Maxwells Road.  In the unlikely event the bells are sounding as you approach, you’ll simply be sent on a “1000m train extension” over the Chapel Street Bridge towards Bay Central prior to returning to the Maxwells Road crossing.  Later on in the event course, those who were on the “1000m train extension” will be clearly directed on a “1000m train shortcut” while on Harbour Drive. The “train extension” and “train shortcut” have been measured to IAAF standards too, so every Half Marathon entrant will run the exact same Half Marathon distance on the day.

Train Wristbands.
– If you are directed on a “1000m train extension” (due to a train passing over the Maxwells Road line at the time you approach) you’ll be handed a wristband half way through this extension.
– To enable you to be directed on the “1000m train shortcut” later on in the course simply hand over this wristband to the “train shortcut marshals” on the Harbour Drive section of the course.

Let us take care of everything – you just enjoy your day!

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